Spring Fishing Tips : Your Guide to Fishing the Seasons

We have waited long enough for the weather to improve and with Spring fully in action we can say goodbye to those frozen toes and the frosted days of winter spent at the bank. With spring, GTFS can come back to the bankside with the warming sunshine and the sweet fragrance of blossom.

When is Spring?

The exact date differs each year but the season of Spring tends to start late March and ends late June.

Why Do us GTFS Love Spring?

Spring is often a very productive time of year, coined by some anglers as ‘silly season’; fish are becoming more active and therefore are feeding more after a long winter. At this time of year, the banks are, in most cases, a lot quieter due to the cold weather and are yet to see the maddening crowds!

Not only is Spring quiet but a prime opportunity for you to get out on the bank and get to know your water but also an opportunity to speak to other anglers, share tactics and glean as much information as you can before the busy season of summer.

What Fish can you catch during Spring?

Carp – As Spring breathes new life into the lake, the carp begin to stir, awakened from their winter slumber, and bringing the promise of a new start! Crucian carp are a given in spring with feeder tactics whereas average commons and mirrors can be caught in shallow areas with a pellet feeder during the height of the sun.

Sea – Spring at the UK coastlines offers bass, eels, pouting, flounder, codling, plaice, ray, dogfish, and typically smoothhound inshore.

Coarse – Not only are carp an option in Spring but monster bream and tench are also known to make some early appearances. Semi-regular feeding of PVA bags of groundbait or groundbait balls will help attract plenty of coarse fish in the spring.

Match – Catch plenty of silvers in the spring (be mindful of closed river season) such as rudd and roach. Worm and caster baits are good for this fish with a waggler rod or short pole.

Predator – It starts getting a bit too warm for pike as the temperatures rise but Perch are still on the cards. Get the running rig at the ready with some chopped prawns and worms attached and you are in for a perch treat.

Fly – Early fly fishing for trout can occur in spring but it is recommended to fish high in the water with nymphs, buzzers or bead head flies. You can also try combination rigs of either adding another lure or an indicator.

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